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Contratación: Modalidad contractor

Remuneración ofrecida: Remuneración en USD a convenir.

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Position Summary
Seeking Sr. C++ Software Engineer to join the team and help develop and
maintain the pathing algorithms of its flight control software. This is where we plan
routes, avoid mobile obstacles during flight, and ensure performance with limited time
and power requirements. Physical and computational safety and debuggability of the
pathing choices are a priority. The software is provided as an API and built to run in the
cloud (i.e., AWS) and disconnected environments (i.e., a drone that has lost radio

● Ensure that your work meets all acceptance criteria. Test your work to ensure that it
works as expected. Present your work to customers to achieve sign off. Work with your
customers to ensure that your work will meet the business needs
● Shepherd your code (and other’s code) through the process until deployment. Help own
and understand the process, and contribute to improving efficiency and consistency of
the process.
● Take part in peer code reviews providing qualitative feedback
● Research internal implementations as well as potential new technologies, and
communicate output of that research
● Detect root cause of defects and production bugs, and fix them when requested.
Communicate impact of bugs and work with stakeholders to schedule fixes
● Research changes to external integrations and update code to account for changes.
Understand the cadence of these changes and contribute to the ongoing plan to manage
● Document work done in appropriate location, whether it be in code, or in a document
library. Hand-off documentation to intended recipients or audience. Document previously
un-documented systems or practices as encountered in your work environment
● Provide technical direction on various types of tasks on your platform
● Update team members on the progress, if you are encountering any major issues, and
actively encouraging other team members to do the same while also providing insights
into how to optimize this communication
● Perform necessary communication with other teams as outlined in your team
agreement, and call out areas where there may be inter-team communication issues.
Additionally, do what you can to drive better communication between your team and
● Perform necessary communication with Stakeholders as outlined on your team, and
calling out areas where there may be Stakeholder communication issues. Additionally,
strive to have a clear understanding of Stakeholder goals to help drive better
communication between your team and them
● Stay current with platform changes and third-party libraries. Proactively investigate
better solutions for current technologies
● Contribute ideas on ways to make our project management systems more efficient
● Respond to emergency issues and alerts assigned to you. Contribute ideas on how to
improve monitoring and alerting systems
● Be part of the technical interview team, and also offer ideas on how to improve the
interview process
● Provide honest and accurate feedback when asked for it
● Other duties as assigned

● Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering or equivalent experience
● 5+ years of commercial development experience
● Strong background in mathematics and computer science
● Experience with JIRA or other ticket system with the ability to resolve tickets according
to technical direction
● Proficient at using the team’s version control system with the ability to address any
merge conflict. Complete understanding of your team’s branching process and contribute
ideas to better the process
● Excellent understanding of the internal technologies used by your team. Able to
Provide commentary, review, and feedback to other teams about their projects and products
when necessary, especially in how those integrate with your own team
● Understand project management tools and processes
● Knowledge of architect programs which operate either independently or within a larger
● Thorough understanding of build and test processes; able to modify build processes to
add new modules to an existing project and develop build processes for new projects.
● Able to design, develop, and debug unit and integration tests for new and existing code
● Fluency in C++ compiled to x86_64 and ARM architectures required
● Understand how memory and compute trade offs affect hardware performance
● Experience with Docker, Python, Qt, and GPGPU languages a plus
● Knowledge of existing pathing algorithms and geospatial computing a plus
● Experience with robotics, embedded development, and related hardware a plus
● Great software design and implementation skills
This position also requires the following essential functions:
● Visual acuity (e.g., needed to prepare and analyze data, to transcribe documents, to
view a computer, to read, to inspect objects, to operate machinery
● Capacity to reason and make sound decisions
● Ability to regularly perform all job functions at Company’s office or work site
● Fingering (e.g., picking, pinching, typing, or other working that uses the fingers)
● Ability to read complex documents in the [English] language
● Ability to write complex documents in the [English] language
● Capacity to express thoughts orally (e.g., accurately, quick and loudly convey spoken
instructions to workers)
● Capacity to think, concentrate and focus over long periods of time
● Repetitive motions of any part of the body