DevOps Engineer

Desde Working HR buscamos un DevOps Engineer con inglés avanzado para global software engineering firm con presencia en America Latina, Europa, Asia y USA.

Contratación: Modalidad contractor
Remuneración ofrecida: En USD, a convenir
En una entrevista directa con la empresa te darán detalles de los proyectos y te comentarán cuál es la remuneración exacta que percibirás.

This Europe-based client is one of the world’s most established stock exchanges. We have several teams with about 100 people total operating from the EU with no overtime work expected. The work is split up into small parts based on priority; after a part is released, the team moves on to the next one. Our scope of engagement includes a modern approach to SOA, including AWS and Microservices stack, data warehousing, modern APIs, frontend development and other areas.
We offer a $1,000 Sign-on bonus to the specialist that will accept our offer and join DataArt in this position. $1,000 will be included in the first salary. We are looking for a Ssr|Sr DevOps Engineer to join our team to manage multiple environments, control, and support infrastructure, collaborate with Engineers on the client’s side. You will be responsible for assisting with the deployments and maintenance by using a big stack of technologies. The position provides 12-hour shifts (three work shifts and 3 days off).
  • 3+ years of experience administering server systems (Linux)
  • Understanding of TCP/IP networks
  • Experience configuring and administering cloud services (Amazon AWS: Kubernetes, EC2, API Gateway, Lambda, S3, RDS, ALB, Route53)
  • Experience in the usage of CI/CD-systems (Terraform, Ansible, Jenkins)
  • Experience administering database servers (PostgreSQL, Oracle, MySQL)
  • Experience administering/using monitoring systems
  • Responsibility
  • The ability to solve technical problems on the server/network/ equipment/DB/service/etc. side
  • Spoken English

Nice to have

  • Basic knowledge of Java, Maven, Spring Boot/Security/Data/etc
  • Git (BitBucket)
  • Web services (Apache, Nginx)
  • Broad-based knowledge of the IT field
  • Communicability
  • The ability to work in a team and fast self-education

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