Intermediate Software Engineer

Si sos de LATAM, tenes inglés avanzado, cumplís con los requisitos y te interesa trabajar remoto para empresa de Software Factory ubicada en EEUU, esta oportunidad es para vos!

La remuneración es en USD, bajo la modalidad contractor, duración a largo plazo. En una segunda entrevista te contaremos en detalle sobre la empresa y el proyecto!

Intermediate Software Engineer



From Software Engineer onward, can be substituted with years of experience.


3 years, in Software Engineering or a related Engineering field.


Additional Role(s) Within the Company


Collaboration & Teamwork


Contributes to team discussions when appropriate, supports team decisions.




Communicates clearly, professionally and in a timely manner in both verbal and written form with internal and external stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement


Comfortable and familiar with giving and receiving feedback, in the context of both code reviews and interpersonal professional development.

Furthers tech interests by attending meetups, workshops, events and/or watching conference talks and/or reading material online.



Continual learner, enjoys learning, asks why.


Customer Focus


Strives to exceed the expectations and requirements of internal and external customer.

Acts with customers in mind and values the importance of providing high quality customer service.



Seeks to understand and learn the factors and tradeoffs in any decision-making process.

Attempts to adopt a methodical approach, managing multiple tasks simultaneously whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy in all work carried out.


Problem Solving


Likely to want to solve problems with the skills, technologies, and patterns they already know.

Seeks guidance from Seniors and Leads on how to evaluate alternative methods and approaches.



Needs frequent oversight.

Working within ambiguity.


Is uncomfortable with ambiguity.

Uncertainty causes delays while better, more complete information is sought out.


Technical Expectations

Software Engineer minimum expectations plus the following:

Implements the designs of others, begins to design on their own.

Is competent in development on a specific stack.

Experience with OOP concepts including but not limited to polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction, interfaces, generics, extension methods, etc.

Can work with common platform architectural patterns. (e.g. n-tier, MVVM, MVP, VIP etc.)

Can accurately describe and implement several object-oriented software design patterns.

Has exposure to SOLID principles.

Experience with Asp.Net Core (MVC), creating endpoints working with routing, knowing the data transmission protocols (SOAP, REST) etc.

Experience with ORMs (preferable Entity Framework) creating entities, manipulating models, reflecting database changes, etc.

Understands and can demonstrate high cohesion, low coupling code.

Can write effective unit and integration tests with mocks.

Can write easily mock-able code of unit testing.

Has exposure to SQL and can describe basic CRUD operations and joins.

Understands concurrency and locking mechanisms, including but not limited to async methods, tasks, threading, etc.

Understands data transmission mechanisms.

Is experienced with project and directory creation and maintenance.

Has experience resolving source control merge conflicts.

Understands basic Infrastructure concepts.

Familiar with the practice of and participates in code reviews.


Stretch, Desired

Has exposure to cloud technologies. (Azure, AWS, etc.)

Understands high level concepts of application security (Certificates, CORS, security tokens, etc.)

Understanding of authentication methods.

Ancillary Technology Skill Packets



Things to study and learn while in the role:


Software Engineer Packets Plus:


Advanced Design Patterns.

Architectural Patterns.

Code Review Participant.

Company Outreach


Other internal responsibilities such as:

Supports recruiting process.

Helps onboard Software Engineers.

Participates in Technology Practice Group(s).

Community Outreach



Other external responsibilities such as:

Attends a minimum of 2 meet-ups or tech talk events per year.